gone fishin’

12 05 2013

I will be for a while in europe…

off to europe



10 05 2013

so far I guess I have recreated more than one hundred backgrounds from disney’s BAMBI. you probably know that only a few originals from the film are left because most of the scenes where shot in levels with the MULTIPLANE-camera, had to be painted in oil on glass, and after the shots were successful some poor guy had to scrape off the master-paintings from the glass. glass was rare during WWII and had to be reused. the recreated BG’s below were seen the last time in original around 1941/42. the first one is about one third of the full length of the opening pan of the film, shot in 8 levels to create the feel of depth.

bambi comp 3 A
BAmbi 9027
BAmbi 22054
bambi CCC62
BAmbi 11164
bambi A008a

© disney enterprises, inc

sketches 513

9 05 2013

sketches 513

inspiring art 4

8 05 2013

inspiring art 4

chapter search

7 05 2013


on the right side of this blog below the search box ( all the way down… ) you find a new CONTENT list in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. it is easy now to scroll through the content-list with all 839 posts so far, looking for some title that interests you, then type it into the search box. unfortunately wordpress doesn’t offer the ‘click’-option. I will update the list frequently. hope you find what you are looking for –

study 5.4.13

4 05 2013

water landing

graphic design inspiration 1

3 05 2013

graphic design 1