31 12 2010

just in time for the last day of the year 2010. 600 posts. that’s quite a lot of stuff to look at. and it is so much that you might have problems to find what you are looking for. the TABLE OF CONTENT below will help you. if you found an interesting chapter, get it with the SEARCH box. the 3 TABLE OF CONTENT lists show 200 posts each organized in 10 chapter-blocks. I hope that helps!

a few statistics – on sept.12, 2008 I started this adventure. so far there are 1.615.900 views, about 2.000 to 3.000 a day. there is apparently a ‘loyal’ group of about 1.200 who visit my blog every day, I thank you for that. comments are a bit rare, only 2.150, but that’s ok. I don’t leave too many comments myself on other blogs. one thing is amazing – the countries where you all come from, I collected some once in a while, and it added up to 152 from all over the globe. below is the colorful collection of the countries flaggs.

I hope it will work to make the 1.000 posts full. for the New Year I wish everybody my best, thank you for visiting – and, come back.




8 responses

31 12 2010
Ignacio Ochoa

It’s great to visit this place, and find this treasures, that you share every day. Thanks for leaving us to be part of your adventure. My best wishes from Argentina. Happy new year!!!

from hans –
thank you, ignacio. and HAPPY NEW YEAR to argentina!

31 12 2010
Gregory Culp

Thanks for all the great posts! Always appreciate reading what you have to share, and just recently picked up Dream Worlds again to refresh on a couple ideas. Always very inspiring! Thanks again, and look forward to 2011 posts!

from hans –
thank you, greg. the same to you, all my best wishes

31 12 2010
Vitaliy Shushko

best wishes from Russia and Happy new year!!! )))))and thank you for all this treasures ))))

from hans –
thank you, vitally. the same to you, all my best wishes to you in russia

31 12 2010
Arianne Pascual

Congrats Sir on the 600 mark!
That growing number of posts shows how much inspiration you’ve been collecting and been caring to share with us 😀
Thank you and Happy new year from the Philippines!

from hans –
thank you, arianne. and – ‘MANIGONG BAGONG TAON’

31 12 2010

Thanks for sharing Hans! Very inspiring! Happy 2011 and many more, Leo of Sweden.

from hans –
thank you, leo. and all my best for the New Year to you in sweden

31 12 2010

Hi Hans,
I just realized that you’re already a day ahead of us traditional westerners, and most likely enjoying the New Year as I write! Thank you and Bless you for the tremendous amount of work and sincere effort you have done to help educate and inspire! 🙂

Best wishes Hans, may you and your family have a Fantastic, Successful and Blessed 2011!

Your old friend, …….Jeffrey

from hans –
the same to you, jeff, and your family. hope it will be a better year! yes, we are ahead. in 2 1/2 hours we gonna toast to a new one…

31 12 2010

I am one of your daily visitors and am always amazed at the phenomenal variety of great design you have on your blog and find your notes very insightful. It is always the first blog I recommend to fellow artists and designers at my design school. Thanks for all your hard word and effort. A premature Happy New Year to you! All the best, Max.

from hans –
thank you, max, and all my best wishes to denmark

31 12 2010
Colin Stimpson

Thanks for all the marvelous posts Hans. I often visit your blog when I need some inspiration.
Best wishes for the New Year.

from hans –
thank you, colin. all my best wishes to you and your family as well. we are now already for 30 min in the new year…

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