paul julian 3

25 10 2009

canary row 1950 comp B
canary row AAA
canary row BBB

PAUL JULIAN painted these backgrounds for the 1950 released and by FRIZ FRELENG directed WB-cartoon CANARY ROW.

© WB




3 responses

26 10 2009
Zero Mojo

My goodness, it’s p o w e r f u l ! It’s a lost art. I don’t think people even know how to draw like this anymore, with that palette, with that training. A lost trade, like making lobster traps or barrels by hand, fixing a pair of shoes instead of throwing them out, or knowing how to use an abacus. These are worthy of a museum wall and frame.

26 10 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

The short begins with the marvelous BG of the Birds watchers’ society. Is curious like Paul distributes in a triangle shape the back buildings, without that they be seen completely, and thus, that mass of atmosphere, guide our eye of west to east, in the same direction of the camera, toward the windows, where then the characters appear. A true lesson of film composition.
Thanks by sharing Hans.

27 10 2009

I really like the graphic quality of the designs matched with the bold color choices. Love the ‘Drink Friz’ sign as well!

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