2 08 2010

PEDER MORK MONSTED, 1859 – 1941, was a danish landscape artist, well known for his romantic, poetic painting of nature. he depicted the grandeur and monumental aspect of the landscape, with a remarkable eye for detail and color. the entry on MONSTED in the Weilbach Dansk Kunstnerleksikon characterises the artist’s achievement – MONSTED’S great success was largely a consequence of his ability to develop a series of schematic types of landscape, which could each individually represent the quintessence of a scandinavian, italian, or most frequently danish landscape. in motifs, built up around still water, trees and forest, he specialised in portraying the sunlight between tree crowns and the network of trunks and branches of the underwood, the reflections on the water of forest and sky and snowladen winter landscape paintings with sensations of spring, often all together in the same painting.  insofar as MONSTED included figures in his paintings, these were principally used as ornaments with a view to emphasising the idyllic character of the motif; and only rarely were the figures and the anecdotal element given as prominent a role as in traditional genre paintings.

© peder mork monsted



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2 08 2010

Your blog is a gold mine!! Thank you so much for sharing, so very inspirational! Your book is incredible as well, absolutely beautiful!!

4 08 2010
Aaron Spurgeon


5 08 2010

Having lived in Denmark for years, you can see the severity of Denmark’s harsh winter weather in these landscapes. Very different style from Kroyer but still beautiful 🙂

5 08 2010

These are breathtakingly gorgeous.

Ultra-realism here

5 08 2010

Very precise details and poetic mood, this artist doesn’t need a camera!

6 08 2010

Gorgeaous. Reminds me a lot of Ivan Shishkin’s landscapes .

13 08 2010
Jeremy Deveraturda

the amount of detail is staggering, yet these paintings look so delicate

30 08 2010
Peter Grundy

Thanks, not seen this artist before. Inspiring

31 08 2010
Lynn Patten

Please add my subsciption to your wonderful site.

Thank you,


24 09 2010

i think i just stopped breathing, this is too awesome it’s blinding my eyes…

31 05 2013
Rob Parkin

As an artist I am inspired by the work and the romantic in the work. Truly wonderful landscapes rendered with great sensitivity, insight, knowledge and love. Only an artist who can truly feel and love the landscape can produce such fine work. A great painter with a great deal of technical skill.
Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m ashamed to say I had not seen the work before this.
Rob Parkin

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