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2 08 2016

in the seventies I had a chance to get some issues of the animation/comic strip magazine CARTOONIST PROFILES. here are some rare pictures from the magazine, a groupshot of some of the top animation staff of the MGM TEX AVERY TEAM, especially legendary KEN MUSE and PRESTON BLAIR, as well as 2 amazing caricatures created by RICHARD WILLIAMSMILT KAHL and GRIM NATWICK.

historic animators MGM


2grim natwick

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One response

11 08 2016
Lauren Cray Martinez

Hello Hans! My name is Lauren Cray Martinez. I work at Disney TV animation in development and I just want to say I’m a big fan of your work. I love your book Dream Worlds and the various styles you explore while creating your own beautiful pieces. I wondered if you are local to the LA area and if I might treat you to lunch or coffee one day and pick your brain? Thank you for writing this blog and I hope to meet you soon!

from hans –
thank you, lauren. I would love to, but I am in singapore. if you happen to come over here then it would be very nice to meet. or you just email me and ask whatever you like to know

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