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25 07 2020

as long as I can remember there was this fascination with pirates. I loved to read PETER PAN and STEVENSON’S TREASURE ISLAND, and then there were the old hollywood swashbuckler classics like CAPTAIN BLOOD, THE BLACK CORSAIR, THE BUCCANEER, THE SEA HAWK, THE BLACK SWAN and of course lately THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN.
but it was not just the adventurous stories, the sword fights and buried treasures, that made it all so interesting, for me it was the world where all that took place – those huge sailing ships and the endless oceans, the huge waves and the storms.
a while ago I found more accidentally beautiful artwork that depicted this world, paintings done by MONTAGUE DAWSON and IWAN KONSTANTINOWITSCH AIWASOWSKI. and recently, with more time, I started to search more intensively through the endless world of the internet, and found hundreds of the most amazing paintings. this genre is called NAUTICAL-, MARINE- or MARITIME ART depicting the world of ships and the seas.
in a lot of cases these paintings are available without the name of the artist and the year they were painted. thats why I decided to give you just a general list of maritime artists and you can find out more about them in case you are interested.

maritime artists –
ivan konstantinovich aivazovsky , pieter bruegel the elder, bryan booth, jacob loutherberg, samuel scott, montague dawson, john stobart, marek ruzyk, geoffray huband, yves berube, alexander shenderov, winslow homer, willem van de velde, geoff hunt, william hodges, james brereton, patrick o’brien, caspar david friedrich, roger morris, andy simmons, samuel atkins, ludolf bakhuizen, joseph mallord william turner, philipp jacob loutherbourg, alexey bogolyubov, george hyde chambers, peter monamy, nicholas pocock, charles brooking



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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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