10 03 2009

a while ago I collected all the material I have about STORYBOARD and prepared a lecture with all those hundreds of images. the most interesting part in the area of live action film are the boards prepared for ALFRED HITCHCOCK, at least I found so many complete sequences. here is the first one from NORTH BY NORTHWEST, a comparison of the storyboard and the final scenes in the film. there will be some more soon from THE BIRDS.







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11 03 2009
Oswald Iten

Nice to see those storyboards back to back with the frame enlargements. Hitchcock is still one of my all-time favorite directors. I had the pleasure of presenting “North by Northwest” in a cinema last year. There’s nothing like seeing this on the big screen. At times, you could have heard a pin drop – a situation not so common anymore in movie theaters these days.
By the way, I’m from Switzerland, probably also not one of the countries you have never heard of 😉
Anyway, I’m one of the people who – until this blog arrived – always kept looking for your “Animation Treasures” hoping they would some day mysteriously re-appear online.

12 03 2009
Ignacio Ochoa

A difference that pleases me, is like he put the horizon over the actor shoulders . We can see a lot more of floor, there is more solitude, a more deserted scene.

3 04 2009

These are amazing! Love the way it is laid out so we can compare the two. Wow. How cool is this!!!

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