historic 80s

16 09 2009

here are some more historic pictures digitally transferred from color-slides. the RICHARD WILLIAMS ANIMATION studio was for years in LONDON, 13 soho square, until the production of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT started sometime early 1987. following are some memories from the old days…

williams 86 b

williams 86c

williams 86

williams 1981a


williams 1986

during a stay in los angeles in 1981 I visited the HANNA BARBERA STUDIO at cahuenga in studio city and they showed me the whole studio. now there is a gym in that historic building

HB 1981 2

HB 1981 3

HB 1981 6

HB 1981 7

more tomorrow…




5 responses

17 09 2009
Juan Manuel

Hi Mr. Bacher, I like so much your posts about studios!!! I like to imagine how they worked and his/her dreams and joy.
Thanks for share!

17 09 2009

I agree – really love the studio shots. Great set.

I can’t believe the HB Studio is a gym…

28 09 2009
Mark Hodgson

Wow! I’ve been working in 13, Soho Square for a decade now. We knew Mr Williams used to work here, but have never seen photos of the place as was. The walls are now tidy and bare! We post-produce a few films still, but mainly work on British TV shows.

10 10 2009
Craig Weinstein

Thank you for these pictures! Ever since I moved to Los Angeles a year ago I’ve been going to that L.A. Fitness on Cahuenga. The first day I was there someone mentioned to me that it used to be one of the main Hannah-Barbera animation studios. I was amazed to hear this and I tried to imagine how different it must have felt and looked decades ago. I suggested to the manager that there really should be some classic HB cels on the walls to pay homage to the building’s history. He seemed interested in the idea but we both knew that wasn’t going to happen.

It’s great to finally see something from what it used to be decades ago.

12 11 2009
richard o'connor

I wonder what happens when that red phone rings in the ink-and-paint room…

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