3 12 2009

during the period around the BELLE EPOCHE, 1890 – 1900, is a genre ‘PARISIANISM’, created by four painters – THE PAINTERS OF PARIS -, LUIGI LOIR ( 1845 – 1916 ), JEAN BERAUD ( 1849 – 1936 ), EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE ( 1854 – 1941 ) and EDOUARD-LEON CORTES ( 1882 – 1969 ). towards the end of the nineteenth century there were dramatic industrial, technological and economic changes in france, and the artists of that time recognized the importance to document the modern day life. it was said about BERAUD that he painted ‘the parisians of paris’, but LOIR to paint ‘the paris of the parisians’. I introduced you already to EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE, my favorite artist of the group of four. here now is some of their artwork for you to compare.





© luigi loir / jean beraud / eugene galien-laloue / edouard-leon cortez




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3 12 2009
Sunny Kharbanda

Beautiful works! Thanks for sharing these, and for the timeline.

The colors in Eugene Galien-Laloue’s paintings strongly remind me of Tintin comics.. did he have a lot of influence on Hergé?

4 12 2009

Thank you for these posts Hans, the Galien-Laloue post took my breath away, I saved every one to my inspiration folder! I didn’t know there were more like him! Thank you for broadening my horizons again!


12 12 2009
Oscar Grillo

These picture hang in the waiting room of every dentist in the world!!

from hans –
…but only good dentists…

6 04 2013

Luigi Loir is easily my favourite. Whilst I respect the talent of the other two artists, there’s too many hard edges, and distraction, with all areas of the painting fighting for attention. Only Loir seems to better understanding atmospheric perspective and focus.

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