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1 06 2011

december 2009 I published the first post about THE HANGMAN. recently I found a print of the short in a decent quality and started to recreate some of the longer backgrounds. LES GOLDMAN and PAUL JULIAN produced the 11 min short in 1964, PAUL JULIAN painted all the backgrounds and character-stills of the film. as you will see in a series of upcoming posts, his paintings are true masterpieces. for UPA and the short THE TELLTALE HEART JULIAN developed a very unique style that he used in this film as well, a style that is influenced by EDWARD HOPPER ( 1882 – 1967 ) and BEN SHAHN ( 1898 – 1969 ).

© mcgraw-hill contemporary films / paul julian




3 responses

1 06 2011
Vitaliy Shushko

Absolutly stunning!!!!!! thanks for post ))))

2 06 2011

Just incredible. Thanks so much!

1 08 2011
Nancy Beiman

Where can I see this film? I have never seen it.
And you have all seen Paul Julian’s backgrounds if you have ever watched Bugs Bunny cartoons!

from hans –
I think there was a decent version on you tube. I have a 16mm copy. and about the WB shorts and
paul julian’s BG’s – I have posted a lot of them a while ago.

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