25 02 2009

maybe I mentioned it in one of the earlier posts, I got the idea for my book DREAM WORLDS, PRODUCTION DESIGN IN ANIMATION, when I saw that my MULAN-styleguide had been copied and spread ‘around the world’. I used most of the elements of this styleguide and built the book around it. that was the first styleguide I did during the early weeks of production. there was an urgent need to explain to the hundreds of artists what the style of the film was all about.
during production I corrected hundreds of layouts and backgrounds. sometimes I kept copies of the corrections and made notes. more for myself I put some of that together into a second styleguide, or more an ‘experience during the making of the film’. that was close to the end of the production. as far as I remember I only gave copies to a few of the artists. and then I completely forgot about the about 70 pages. did not even include them in my book.
so, here is now another animation-archeological piece, a few of the
styleguide pages. published for the first time…




© disney enterprises, inc




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25 02 2009
Nancy Beiman

Hans, may I use this in my storyboard class?

from hans –
I will send you all the pages…
after my singapore trip this weekend

25 02 2009

Hello Hans, I just bought Dreamworlds and would like to say thank you for such a wonderful book, it’s made me aware of a lot of things. If you decide to make a volume 2 I will definitely purchase that too! 🙂

Thanks for sharing.

from hans –
thank you very much

26 02 2009

These are fantastic! Unfortunately, I can’t actually read any of the text. Any chance they are in a book that I can purchase? If not, you might want to consider putting one together and self publishing it on Lulu or another site, because you’ve pre-sold me!

from hans –
that would be my third book project! I am thinking…

26 02 2009

These are cool stuff. Good look into production design.

Coincidentally, I’ve also just read The Art of Mulan and saw some of your work in it. Great, as usual. I’m linking this blog entry to my book review

26 02 2009

AWesome!!! Thanks, Hans!!

27 02 2009
Dave Diamond

Hey Hans. I must confess I have a copy of these wonderful notes. They are punched and in a vintage binder not far from my work station. I must confess also that a full color version would be a much better collection. A real source of knowledge Hans. Thank you. And may we see more of these treasures!

from hans –
I found some more from BROTHER BEAR. now I am thinking about
combining them in a new book.

27 02 2009

It’s so great when you post this kind of stuff. I find it very helpful – it gives me new things to think about and reminds me of things I should consider. A book of these would be a great resource

27 02 2009
Nancy Beiman

Thanks Hans! Enjoy Singapore!

15 05 2009

What else can I say it has not been said already, just congratulate you for your fantastic work.

These notes are really helpful, so it is your book, Dreamworlds, really inspiring.

Many Thanks

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