storyboard 1

21 10 2010

below a storyboard example for a part of BALTO, drawn by DAAN JIPPES and SIMON WELLS in 1993.




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21 10 2010
Vitaliy Shushko

Fantastic stuff! thanks for post!!!!

21 10 2010
Amir Al-Zubi

Welcome back, mr Bacher. Thanks so much for sharing!

21 10 2010

Great to see you back Hans! It still amazes me how an entire feature film was basically blacked and boarded by one guy, Simon Wells, and finished off with the fantastic talents of Daan Jippes. In my opinion, the crew that made this film was truly a representation of an independent film made good on a low budget (for it’s time)! But much like “Mulan” great credit is due to your masterful talents and patience in both implementing an original oil painting BG style while inspiring and training most of us to be the very best we could!

Once again, hats off to you mistro 🙂

22 10 2010
Michael Sporn

Balto was a brilliant highlight of the 90s; a film that stood out. From Kevin Bacon’s extraordinary vocal performance to the amazingly fine design of the film. It didn’t get the credit it merited, and these strong storyboards give only a glimpse of what was to come.

Jeffrey (above) was right to compare it to MULAN. Both films share a strong sense of design that is now rare in animation.

22 10 2010

Wow, these are practically animated in themselves! The frames with the bear wrapping up in the blanket…I would have just finished the animation with those!

25 10 2010

I’m no specialist nor professional artist, just a normal average girl of 23 who lives in Switzerland.
I grew up with Balto. For me, I’d compare it to the level of sophistication of Anastasia, it had everyhting: great drawings, lots of details, elaborated scenes, well timed action scenes, good funny moments (not that easy to make funny faces or expressions without looking like a looney tunes…)

I’m just discovering you were part of it, it’s a great joy to have the opportunity to actually tell you how awesome this movie was and that it’s defintely gonna be a part of the “animated movies education” I’ll give to my children, nephews and nieces.

Thanks for your art, your work and sharing it.

25 10 2010

wow, so much mood in these.
thanks for sharing!

26 10 2010

NIce drawings. Not great storyboards, though. More like animators storyboarding–or pre-layouts. Then again, the film doesn’t have much of a story or character–and that is well expressed in these images.

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The Hidden History of Oz

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